Invitation to the Cinematography programmes of the 2018 Festival

Invitation to the Cinematography programmes of the 2018 Festival

We are inviting all artists and those interested in nature film making to participate in this year’s meeting for film professionals on 25-26 May, 2018. Similar to last year’s event it will take place in the tent on the grounds of the Royal Palace in Gödöllő. Participation in the meeting and in workshops is free of charge but previous registration is neccessary.

Topic of the meeting: „Let us have more films on Hungarian scientific results”

opportunities for cooperation in 2018

Artists will receive information about scientific results of different institutions, their financial system, the communication practice of the scientific world, role and importance of science-documentaries in the shaping of society’s knowledge and opinion.

The objective of the program is to introduce participants of the scientific and artistic fileds to each other and to initiate a conversation among them. We hope that during the two day workshop planned for September 2018 we can talk about cooperations between the two fields.





MAY 25. 2018 FRIDAY




Opening: Introduction of the Jury, foreign and Hungarian guests (Székelyhidi Tamás)


A short welcome from the representatives of the international jury: Geoff Luck and Gáspár László


A short welcome from the representatives of the national jury: Juhász Árpád and Lakatos Róbert


Short introduction of the 2018 film professionals’ program (Székelyhidi Tamás)


Development and market of scientific films (organizers of the 52 year old AFO Scientific Film Review)

19.10 - 23.00 

Dinner, informal conversation

Our guests

  • artists from Poland, Transsylvania, Czech republic, Austria and other European countries
  • experts from NMHH, EMMI, NKA, MMA, MTA NKFIH
  • Exhibitors, professionals

 MAY 26. 2018. SATURDAY




Welcoming the participants 
Székelyhidi Tamás, in the name of festival organizers


Past and present of Hungarian scientific and educational films 
Juhász Árpád, Head of Jury, Carpathian Basin Film Review


Legal aspects of filmmaking in 2018 
Pető Katalin, NMHH National Film Office


Support system of scientific and educational films 2018

Hungarian Media Patronage Program 
Kollarik Tamás, member of Media Council


Results of 2016/17 Hungarian scientific and educational films, introduction of workshops and artists
Tóth Zsolt Marcell, Filmdzsungel Studió


Outstanding results of research institutions of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences, large scale projects, objectives, their PR communication
Rédei Soma, Hungarian Academy of Sciences, Department of Communication


Results, international cooperations, research institutes and communication of Hungarian medical research groups.
Oberfrank Ferenc, Experimental Medical Research Institute of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences


The role and programs of the National Research, Development and Innovation Office in the support of scientific research and projects, the practice of PR communication
Molnár Bálint, National Research, Development and Innovation Office


Coffee break


Informal discussions, Q&A with the representatives of the institutions Moderator: Székelyhidi Tamás 


Closing speech 
Kollarik Tamás, member of media Council 

12.30- 13.30 


13.30- 17.00 

Closed screening for the invited guests

Attenborough’s Ant Mountain –first festival screening for Attenborough’s film


Festival Gala: International Nature Film Festival 2018

Location: Riding Hall of the Royal Palace, Gödöllő


Standing reception of for the artists, professional partners of the festival, then participation in the evening programs of the Festival

Location: Royal Palace, Gödöllői (gate V) – Film professionals’ tent


Open air screening of the winning film of the International Nature Film category

Location: Lower Park opposite the Royal Palace