Structures of Nature

International Film Review: Documentaries - short films, videos, independent short films
Martin Gerigk

Martin Gerigk is a composer of contemporary music. His repertoire includes orchestral works, chamber music, solo concerts and multimedia projects. In 2007 he was engaged as "Composer in Residence" of the Orchestra of Hagen. His compositions are performed nationally and internationally including in Korea, Japan, USA, England, Finland, Austria and Switzerland. He works with renowned international soloists and ensembles, like Vilde Frang, the Fauré Quartet or the Mandelring Quartet.

"Structures of Nature" is an audiovisual journey in the form of a three-part interaction between four narrators, emergent sound events and rhythmicized synaesthetic video sequences. A symbiosis of visual processes and natural and artificial sounds.

Images, music, speech and sounds are commensurate compositional elements that lead the viewer through various microscopic and macroscopic structures of nature in a literal and transcendent sense, making them sensuous to the eye and ear.