Zoltán Kőváry

Dr. Zoltán Kőváry is clinical psychologist, and has bachelor of art diploma in Hungarian language and literature. He is a docent in the ELTE PPK Clinical Psychology and Addictology Department. His first diploma was about Géza Csáth in the Hungarian language course of the Szeged University, Hungary. After that, he studied psychology in the University of Debrecen, later clinical psychology in Budapest.

He has worked for years in the psycology, drogambulance, pedagogy and lifecouching advisory office. For many years he tought in the University of Szeged. After Szeged, he moved to the ELTE University, Budapest in 2015. He made his PhD in the Psycology Doctorial School of the University of Pécs. His research field was about the outstanding creativity with the method of the psychobiography. He publishes regularly national and international newspapers, his book chapters sold in Hungary and in the USA. He published two independent volumes, furthermore he frequently holds scientific and informative lectures.

Teacher, ELTE