The three days-long event has closed with record number of visitors where many of the nature film professionals could get their awards besides the various art projects.  All of the programs were free and by visited 40 thousand people – the highest number since the beginnig.

Kids on the focus

The aim of the organisers is to focus ont he children and get affected by the nature, and nature protection. The first day was to dedicated to them. Around 1400 children from kindergartens, primary and secondary schools visited to the film screenings, participated at the presentations and workshops.













Various programs

The programs during the weekend were focused ont he families: Feel the countryside! interactive exhibition, bird presentations from MME, fish patting in the SZIU, the Vadonleső, the Herman Ottó Institute and so on had the facilities to get to know the nature and our environment better.

The arts have also played an important role in the Festival not only within the Film Reviews but also throughout many exhibitions as Fülig Jimmy and his friends, moreover the participants could have a look at the underwater pictures of Ferenc Lőrincz photographer.

The Trash Art Hungary had a great success this year too with its 21 amateur and 7 professional statues made from trash.












Besides these, in the Royal Palace Park Bence Máté exhibition was freely open for the visitors. During the Festival Bence held his presentation twice becauce of the high demand. He is not only an excellent photographer he is also a fantastic presenter which is showed by more than 1000 people who were interested at the presentation.

The two film reviews of this year

The two film reviews have reached bigger and bigger interest each year from the filmmakers. This year films were submitted from 98 countries with the total number of 1464. The visitors could watch 146 films in 6 different screening spots. The new spot of 2019 was the Novo Cafe stage where besides the film screenings filmmakers held their presentations moderated by Richard Rideg.

The Festival has its international appreciation while the number of the international filmmakers, producers, cameramen this time was five times bigger than last year.




Let's meet in May 2020 again!

the organisers