Tamás Szabados

He has been in every continent – including the Antarctic - with the Hungarian Television camera. He has taken part in a wide variety of programs such as programs for children and art programs as operator. Live commentations of musical informatives, TV games and national events. (Mazsola film was his diploma work.) After meeting Pál Rockenbauer he specialised to nature film making. From 30 years he has been making only these programs. As director-operator he made 300 small movies. His most well-known film is the "Másfélmillió lépés Magyarországon" series (One and a half million steps in Hungary). Tamás ha won the Hungarian Heridity prize. Three years ago he has retired, only holds lectures in clubs, libraries trying to bring the focus to the nature, its conservation and to the fresh water. With his son he is the founder of the Pál Rockenbauer prize.