There are several photo competitions nowadays in Hungary, including some around the theme of nature and environmental protection. But ’Magical Hungary’ outshines these.

Magical Hungary Nature Photo Nonprofit Ltd. announces its competition every year thus providing opportunity for people to admire wonderful pictures from Hungary’s national parks year by year.


Dear Filmmakers,

according to our plans the pre-jury will finish their work by March 29 and select the list of films that will be included in the catalogue and evaluated by the jury.

All selected entries will be checked by the organizers for missing administrative or other parts and filmmakers will be informed and required to supply these within eight days. Those who do not meet this deadline will not be included in the catalogue.

The jury will start their work April 15.


We recieved fantastic films. More than 200 films from 32 countries.

Our new announcement resulted in films meeting the criteria. Less films than in 2015 but of higher value.

We are approaching our goal to be an outstanding nature film festival in the region. We would like to say thanks to those who sent us films, to those who spread word about the event to artists and filmmakers and to our media partners.

We share the success.

May 18-22, 2016 Gödöllő, Hungary. It is worth writing it in your calendar!


The organizers of the festival have been eagerly awaiting this day, the opening of planning for the 2016 festival. We thank everybody for the professional and moral support for our effort to organize the next festival, thus establishing continuity.