We will organize our initiative, launched last year, the National Nature and Environment Film Days in May in 23 places.
At the weekend of the child's day, the cinemas and cultural houses of the big cities are waiting for visitors at many locations in the country with free film screenings and entertaining family and student programs.
After the success of recent years, in May 2018 we will be organizing the Jam For Nature Music Talent Competition again in the framework of the International Nature Film Festival in Gödöllő. The best musicians judged by the professional jury will be invited to introduce themselves for the Festival audience, the best can take the 200,000 Ft top prize and the following special prizes will be awarded:
  • Best Instrumentation
  • Best sound
  • Best Female Singer
  • Best male singer
  • Best Text
More than 1,500 entries from 104 countries in the world came to this year's International Nature Film Festival in Gödöllő.

You have been able to post your plans for the Trash Art Hungary 2018 art program, with an extended deadline, until March 15, 2018!

Dear Filmmakers! You can post your entries to the competition program of the International Film Review and the Carpathian Basin Film Review till February 28th.
In the case of both competitions films produced exclusively in or after 2016 can be submitted - which were not submitted to the 2016-2017’s festivals. If the film was produced before 2016, but it was significantly modified or updated it can also be submitted. For the Carpathian Basin Film Review only and exclusively those films can be submitted which are about the Carpathian Basin’s natural and cultural values!

Do you plan a film with a touch of science? Do you lack experience with science docs' market but you have a science topic in mind? Apply for the Camp 4Science with your science documentary project and find out more about the way science docs are developed, produced, financed and distributed on the international market.

Application deadline: February 17th, 2018

Entries are open for the 4th International Nature Film Festival, which will be held on 25-27th of May, 2018!
From 15th of November, 2017, we are looking for amateur, art and student applicants who wish to create and submit their indoor or outdoor sculptures made of recycled material for the Trash Art Hungary 2018 competition for Biodiversity.
Awarded films of the International Nature Film Festival Gödöllő from May 2017 (International Film Review and the Carpathian Basin Review) received a total of 93 international festival awards. International works won 68 prizes and 25 prizes have been won by Hungarian filmmakers.
We thank the work of the international and Hungarian jury, who judging from their success, made their decision very well.
Young filmmakers traing was held in November 2017, in the Carplove Park in Gödöllő. 12 teams working with filmmakers, and worked on their short film "My City". Participation in the camp was a prerequisite for getting ready for a film schedule and raw, pre-recorded material for the participants. Professional directors of the camp were Anikó Maria Nagy director and Bence Bartos.