Section Awards No. English Title Country Director Award  
International Film Review / Nature Films/Természetfilm 1. Panda goes wild Austria Jacky Poon, Yuanqi Wu 500 EUR szobor oklevél Gáspár László

10-12 SEPTEMBER 2021.

The World of Sir David Attenborough in Gödöllő

As a tribute to the work of the world-famous naturalist and documentary filmmaker, who turns 95 this year, this year's screening programme is named after him. It is an honour for the Festival that from 2016 onwards, every year a film has been nominated that was either narrated by him or with his narration.

Two of his films - dubbed in Hungarian - will be screened several times this year:

Attenborough - A Wild Life
The Wonderful World of Attenborough


Due to the pandemic situation, the organizers and supporter decided to delay the Festival from May to September 10-12. We all hope that by that time circumstances will allow us to have the biggest Nature and Environmental protection festival of the region.

The theme of the festival this year: ‘Sensitive Planet’


Festival 2020 - award winning films

12th September 2020 the festival award ceremony took place in the Royal Palace of Gödöllő. The awards of two Film Reviews' categories were announced in the ceremony as well as the special awards. This year the directors, studios from abroad could not participate in the Festival due to the pandemic reasons. We felt really sorry for them and hope to meet with them next year in Gödöllő!

You can find the awarded films on the webpage - for that click here.


International Nature and Environmental Festival: 11-13 September 2020.

Besause of the global health emergency the Festival has been cancelled to 11-13. September 2020. All of the Festival's programs will be held on this new date. However, every projects and processes of the Festival are still going on like the Trash Art Hungary or the rating of the submitted films.

Thank you once more for the 2000 submitted films to the Film Reviews!

the organisers

25 March 2020


From 15 of November 2019 until 28 of February 2020 we are waiting for  the best nature and documentary movies and animations worldwide! Two categories: International Film Review and Carpathian Basin Film Review are open with several sections. For more details about the submission, see the Film Reviews menu.

Wish you a good luck!

See you on 29-31. May, 2020 in Gödöllő!




The awards of the two film reviews: International and Carpathian were given to the best filmmakers of the Festival on 25 of May, 2019.

It was an honour that most of the international jury members - Katherine Bruce, László Gáspár, Natalia Strelikova and Joanna Rathe (left to right) - have participated in the programs, the screenings and the award ceremony. The Carpathian Film Review jury members were represented as well: Zoltán Kőváry, Anita Dányi, Dr. Árpád Juhász, Gábor Máté, Tamás Szabados (left to right).



The three days-long event has closed with record number of visitors where many of the nature film professionals could get their awards besides the various art projects.  All of the programs were free and by visited 40 thousand people – the highest number since the beginnig.

Kids on the focus


Dear Filmmakers!

We are gladly invite you to the Professional Programs and the Gala of the 2019 International Nature Film Festival, Gödöllő!

Date:              24-25 May, 2019

Locations:     Film Professional Events: Film Professionals’ VIP TENT next to the V. Gate of the Royal Palace, Gödöllő

Gala: Riding Stable of the Royal Palace, Gödöllő


Detailed Program:

Friday, 24. May 2019:


Among the usual programs of the Festival (for example Trash Art Hungary, Jam for Nature, Magical Hungary) the organisers are preparing with many novelty too. What are those? The press conference will take place on 7  May at 10.30 in the Urania National Film Theatre where most of the new programs will be introduced.

After the press conference, from 11.00 there will be the premier of the first and second part of the "Rangers in action" series.  The filmmakers and the performers of this film and every interested nature lover, conservtionist are warmly welcome to the premier!