György Farkas

He born in Kolozsvár (Cluj-Napoca), Transylvania and working as a film director, cameraman and producer. He finished the Cinematics University in 1999 as cameraman in János Xantusz class. Parallel to the university studies he participated as a permanent-freelancer colleague at the Duna Television works, where he later becomes director. After finishing the university, he directs documentaries. His main topic is about the destiny of the transborder Hungarian and the process of the determinative historical events. The most important aspect of his work to make these topics easily understandable and enjoyable for the youth. This has a great emphasis on his work as the director of documentary film festival and jury member. He works as a lecturer and communication trainer in film camps. He is the founder and the director of the Film.dok documentary film festival. Nowadays he has been making not only movies for younger generation but also applications within the cultural art field.

rendező, operatőr, vágó