The best films of the Festival 2019

The best films of the Festival 2019

The awards of the two film reviews: International and Carpathian were given to the best filmmakers of the Festival on 25 of May, 2019.

It was an honour that most of the international jury members - Katherine Bruce, László Gáspár, Natalia Strelikova and Joanna Rathe (left to right) - have participated in the programs, the screenings and the award ceremony. The Carpathian Film Review jury members were represented as well: Zoltán Kőváry, Anita Dányi, Dr. Árpád Juhász, Gábor Máté, Tamás Szabados (left to right).


Jury members of the film reviews in Gödöllő


Winners of the International Film Review (pictures at the bottom):

  • Nature films: Whale Wisdom - Rick Rosenthal, Terra Mater Factual Studio
  • Nature films - short films: Deep Time - Kirsten és Joachim Jakobsen
  • Documentaries - television productions/ independent films: Sharkwater Extinction - Rob Stewart
  • Documentaries - short films, videos, independent short films: The Man Who Speaks Nature - Dhritiman Kakati
  • Scientific documentaries: Global Thermostat - Arthur Rifflet
  • Travelogues and expedition documentaries: The White Reindeer - Zoltán Török
  • Animations: On the Cover - Yegane Moghaddam


Winners of the Carpathian Film Review


Winners of the Carpathian Film Review (pictures at the bottom):

  • Nature films of the Carpathian Basin: A vízipók tényleg csodapók - Dr. György Kriska
  • Documentaries about the Carpathian Basin: Rangers in action / 8 series episode - Marcell Zsolt Tóth
  • Cultural values: Meszesek - Levente Vargyas, Zalán Kinda


Special prizes:

Creative prize for Hungarians living in the Carpathian Basin outside of Hungary by the Ministry of Human Capacities: Limeburner - Levente Vargyas, Zalán Kinda

The European Blue Ribbon founded by the NMHH Media Council: Wild Balaton - Szabolcs Mosonyi

Rockenbauer Memorial Prize: József Sáfrány

Prizes for the best young filmmakers of 2018 by Hungarian Art Academy: Track Search - Stalking with the Harghita Bear Shepherd - Norbert Moraru, Emese Silimon

Fekete István-prize: Ljasuk Dimitry

Prize of MTVA - M5 documentary channel: Cranes up in the sky - Marcell Zsolt Tóth

National Geographic prize: The Undamaged - Rožle Bregar, Matic Oblak, Miha Avguštin

Prize of the Local Government of the town of Gödöllő : History carved in wood - Attila Szabó

Prize of the Local Government of Ópusztaszer: Ljasuk Dimitry

Szent István University prize: Cranes up in the sky -  Marcell Zsolt Tóth



Congratulations for the award-winners, and looking forward the next submissions of 2020!