About the festival program

About the festival program

Dear Filmmakers,

according to our plans the pre-jury will finish their work by March 29 and select the list of films that will be included in the catalogue and evaluated by the jury.

All selected entries will be checked by the organizers for missing administrative or other parts and filmmakers will be informed and required to supply these within eight days. Those who do not meet this deadline will not be included in the catalogue.

The jury will start their work April 15.

We plan to have the screening plan ready by the end of April/beginning of May that will be available at www.godollofilmfest.com.  We will inform the filmmakers and ask for the screening copies from those who have not sent it to us by then.

The audience will be able to watch all selected films between May 18 and 22. The gala will be held May 21, 5 p.m. The award winning films will be screened again on May 22.

We would like to have all selected films screened at least once  during the Festival. We hope to have a broad enough time framework for this.

the organizers